Lake Fest 2015

Each year, the city of Forest Lake hosts Lake Fest, a community-wide event which consists of a variety of activities for all ages (the majority of which are free).  This year, Lake Fest will be held:

Friday May 29th through Friday June 5th

First State Bank of Wyoming is proud to sponsor the Bald Eagle Waterski Show which will be held Saturday May 30th from 2:00 pm-3:00 pm.  The show can be viewed from Lakeside Park in Forest Lake.  

For more information about Lake Fest or to view the full schedule of events, please visit the website below.  We hope you will join in on the fun!
 Stay Up-To-Date

We encourage all of our customers to keep their computer's browser up-to-date.  Not only will some older browsers not work with our online banking, but older browsers are also less secure.  The 3 browsers we recommend are: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.  See the links below to either download a new browser or update your current browser.

Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

In addition, check out the links below to set up your browser with the optimal browser settings.

Mozilla Firefox- Optimal Browser Settings
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Frequently Asked Questions
Card Skimmers On The Rise

Card skimmers can easily be put on gas pumps, ATM's, vending machines, and merchant swipe terminals.  Theives use small cameras to capture PIN information and very thin devices to read your card magnetic strip.  Protect yourself by doing the following before your swipe:

Check for Tampering
If something looks different such as a different color or material, don't use that device.  Since most skimmers are glued on top of the existing reader, they will obscure the flashing indicator.

Wiggle Everything
ATM's are solidly constucted and generally don't have any jiggling or loose parts. Pull at proturding parts like the card reader. 

Protect your PIN
Always assume there is someone looking at your PIN, whether it is over your shoulder or through a hidden camera. Cover your hand when you enter the number. 

The chances of getting hit by a skimmer are higher on the weekend than during the week, since it's harder for customers to report the suspicious ATMs to the bank. Criminals typically install skimmers at dark and then remove them before morning.  Remember to check your account frequently for unauthorized activity. Report any potential fraud immediately. If you feel your card has been comrpomised, call us during banking hours or call 1-800-264-5578 24 hours a day.

Recommended Precautions

Due to advancements in technology, it has become increasingly important to watch out for fraud, scams, and other types of financial theft. When it comes to phishing calls, elderly adults tend to be especially susceptible. For more information on how to prevent someone from taking advantage of you and your money, please visit the FDIC link below:


It's better to be safe than sorry!

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