A CLUE Mystery!  
Clues will be released daily.
Clue #1:
The mystery begins.  Piggy Bank Mansion was preparing for a formal dinner hosted by Mr. Boddy to impress Miss Scarlet.  The guests had arrived, but Mr. Boddy was conspicuously absent.  Colonel Mustard searched the Dining Room and Conservatory before he discovered a deceased Mr. Boddy and reported the incident immediately to the authorities. The crime scene was scattered with hard cold cash, feathers and black footprints.  If you read our character Bio’s – you will see, these clues lead to many suspects!  

Clue #2: 
Things are in disarray throughout the mansion.    Colonel Mustard’s rope, was missing but was found by Shifty McKnife next to a lead pipe in the ConservatoryMrs White and Mr. Boddy were heard arguing in the Library by Booklyn D Worm directly before the incident over very expensive candlesticks that had disappeared.  Later they were discovered in the Lounge by Chazy DaSnitch along with Miss Scarlet’s revolver.   Through our interrogations we come to find that Booklyn has a habit of ‘making up’ stories, and DaSnitch has a habit of ‘finding’ things.

Clue #3:
While searching for his missing wrench, Shifty McKnife overheard Lion Forest and Professor Plum in the Study discussing the damage to his 9 iron.   Lion Forest claimed that a Cadillac Escalade did the damage.  We are not so sure – have you seen him swing a club?  

The Wyoming Office is decorated for the event the entire week!  On Friday employees will dress as their characters.  Like a good mystery novel, our clues will sometimes mislead. You will be asked to determine who committed our murder, what did they use & where did it happen.  Entries are limited to 1 per day.  One winner per division will be selected at 5 PM on Friday.  If that winning entry has ALL 3 correct – the winner will receive an additional $100 cash. Foremost, please enjoy our Murder Mystery.  Our CAST is very excited to entertain you at our Piggy Bank Mansion on Friday.  Please be sure to stop in!

Clue #4

Through much investigation it was also determined that at the time of the murder Lion Forest admitted seeing Miss Scarlet arguing with Mrs Peacock in the Lounge regarding their relationships with Mr. Boddy.  After all --- what is a good mystery without a love triangle? 

Clue #5
It has been determined that at the time of the murder, Mr. Green had gathered the staff together in the Kitchen to discuss the latest staffing cuts.  However, one staff member was conspicuously absent, as well as the knife that was needed to carve tonight’s meal.  As you can see – the mansion has been busy.  So what ROOM was available at the time of the murder?   Which WEAPON was found by the body?  The big question is… WHO committed this murder?   

Mr. Boddy was upset with DaSnitch because she was spreading untruths to Miss Scarlet about Mr. Boddy’s relationship with Mrs. Peacock.   The items mysteriously disappearing from the mansion gave Mr. Boddy cause to expose DaSnitch for the thief she was.  DaSnitch found the wrench in the secret hallway and was on her way to return it to Shifty, who had previously been working in the Ballroom.  The staff, including Shifty, were gathered in the kitchen and the guests were in the lounge having a cocktail before dinner.  With no witnesses present DaSNITCH took the opportunity to eliminate Mr. Boddy, with a WRENCH, in the BALLROOM.     
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